The Health Intelligence Services Ltd. established in 2013 is focusing on the preparation of analysis, modelling and feasibility studies preceding the implementation of different healthcare projects. We take an active part in the development of mobile and computer applications, IT solutions, and the increasingly important eHealth and mHealth projects as well, through the collection and analysis of health-related data.

The Company is owned by four private individuals, and three of them take operative part of the management.

dr Botond Bálint – owner and managing director – health policy expert, practitioner, specialist in imaging diagnostic (nuclear medicine), secretary of the Hungarian Resident Association, founder of the Association for the Hungarian Sustainable Health Care, inventor of the mobile health platform

Krisztián Hackl – owner and managing director – health economist, business development consultant, co-author of several business books 

Gábor Varga – owner and managing director – economist, health economist, pharmaceutical and financial expert

The three owner – managing director made their Master’s degree in Health Economics of Eötvös Loránd University, faculty of Health Policy and Health Economics, respectively.

Mission, Company Credo:

Health economics with purpose

Our main goal is to provide evidence based, added value health economic solutions for the whole healthcare sector including pharmaceutical companies, medical suppliers, health care institutions, health policy organizations and authorities to improve their quality and efficiency.