The customer does not pay directly for the healthcare services used in advanced health systems but reimbursement for the services is completed through a public or private health insurance.

Surge in the development of medical technology expensive equipment and wide range of therapeutic procedures are offered in order to extend the quality of life for many years. It is essential for these interventions to be supported and reimbursed by the respective health insurance.

A recognition of the need for reimbursement requires to be aware of funding opportunities and the requirements imposed by it, all health policy directives and government efforts should be known as well as the mechanism of decision-making on the matter.

Our team provides full support of market access starting from the description of regulatory requirements to the completion of tender documents for pharmaceutical manufacturers and importers, suppliers of medical devices, drugs and biotech manufacturers.

We build Markov-models to justify cost-effectiveness and sensitivity analyzes conducted to define the most decisive parameters.

Determining the price of the product is always a crucial point in terms of the reimbursement decisions but the manufacturers’ expectations of return must also be met. Our dynamic price models help handling these kind of difficulties which takes into account the potential risk-sharing strategies.

Given the importance for manufacturers/suppliers being always up to date we are continuously tracing the changes of regulatory principles and reviewing newly announced tenders.